st. norbert arts centre

Two days into a weeklong stay at St. Norbert Arts Centre, my computer crashed and pushed me into the pre-digital world of manual creation & record-keeping, slow observation and solitude.  Not a bad thing because I accomplished (most of) what I had set out to do and learned a lot in the process.

St. Norbert Arts Centre art creativity
SNAC / Office Studio / July 2010

For now, here’s my summary list of activities:

  • begin research with regard to ‘the process of creation’
  • begin evaluation of personal artistic process and ‘process of creation’
  • refine research resources & begin to integrate tested theories with new ideas
  • test (basic) theories of teaching: ‘how to draw’
  • develop focus (theme?) for Sketchbook Project
  • complete Sketchbook Project sketchbook (35-40 pages)
  • go outside studio environment to paint & take footage for another ‘painting a painting’ video
  • make notes regarding Abstract painting/ marketing / role of art today / ownership of creative process
  • visit small local galleries and the Winnipeg Art Gallery

More notes to come.


originally posted 2010/08/08

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