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Artist Janet Bright is bringing her acrylic paintings to the Kariton Gallery show, Horizons, on from

Jan. 7 to Feb. 2 in Abbotsford. An open house is Sunday.


Horizons, a mix of contemporary pottery and acrylic painting, highlighting the work of Janet Bright and Ekta Nadeau, is on now at the Kariton Art Gallery in Abbotsford.

The show runs from Jan. 7 – Feb. 2, with an open house Sunday, Jan. 9, 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. to meet the artists.

Horizons is a show that encapsulates the constant unpredictability of southern British Columbia.

Born and raised on the Canadian prairies, Janet Bright began art and architectural studies with travel and schooling in Europe, followed by Fine Arts and Architectural Design training at the University of Manitoba.

She now lives on the west coast, and much of her recent work recognizes the similarity between the strong prairie horizons of her childhood and those of the coast’s wide ocean views.

“I’m often approached at exhibits by people who recognize the landscapes of my paintings,” Bright said. “What they see is a horizon, or sky, or waterscape that reminds them of a moment from their past, and with that memory comes a waterfall of emotion about their own experiences and history.”

Bright’s painting style is based on her theories of MemoRealism, which takes into account two important aspects of human experience that are paramount in the creation of art intended to elicit emotion; reaction and a sense of satisfaction for both the artist and the viewer. These aspects of human experience are memory and recognition. Visit her website at

Sharing the billing is ceramic artist Ekta Nadeau of Hornby Island. From hand building, throwing or Raku firing, Nadeau abides by the rule of thumb, leaving space for the unpredictable.

“I look inside myself, touch the clay and guide it through its transformation from raw material to finished piece. I am transformed by the process of giving shape to my inner vision,” she states on her website. “When friends partake in the fascinating experience of an outdoor Raku firing they witness the transformation as fire fuses clay, glaze and inspiration.”

Her latest exploration of ceramic art features fresh pieces in the Vessels series, Moon series and Offering Bowl series, as well as new sculptural works Leap of Faith and Full Circle.

“When I am in my studio on Hornby, surrounded by nature, I view my life as a channel for the creation of ceramic art pieces. My sense of fulfillment is enriched when people are touched by my pottery. Raku is such a gift,” she said.

For more on her work go to

The Kariton Gallery is located at 2387 Ware St., Abbotsford.

For more information on the show contact Meaghan Van Dyk, at 604-852-9358 or

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