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how to paint

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Does the ability to paint come from talent, education, awareness? Or, is it a state of mind?

So many times I’ve heard people say (about a painting I’ve completed), “I could never do that. I don’t know how to paint. I’m not creative.”, and I wonder – is that really true?

What if one of those people gave it a try- without talent, without excess education- what if awareness & state of mind are the overriding factors in determining if one can make a painting?

Our ability to view the symbolic, abstract art of ancient civilizations with wonder while appreciating the meticulous, crafted detail of Medieval & Renaissance work illustrates there is not one lone expression of talent amongst humans. We admire freedom and humanity in Early Modern & Modern art and are awed often by the unselfconscious brilliance in the work of children.

Talent is not everything in getting a job done; even in art, even in painting.

What if everyone, what if you– learned how to paint?

And if you had no talent, what is it that would get the job done?


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