the road to hell

 The road to hell is paved with good intentions.  -proverb

So often we try to do the right thing and it just doesn’t work; something Ecce Homo” by painter Elias Garcia MartinezEcce Homo” by painter Elias Garcia Martinezgoes wrong and we realize (far too late) that so many problems could have been avoided if only we’d stopped to think.

Good intentions gone awry- have you ever seen such a thing?

Such as, for example the attempted restoration and botched repair of a 19th century Spanish fresco (some say masterpiece) in the church of Santuario de Misericordia by an elderly church volunteer in 2012 where, unbeknownst to anyone within the church, an 80 year old amateur had been quietly and disastrously ‘repairing’ the painting (known as”Ecce Homo” by Elias Garcia Martinez) over a span of years.

Ecce Homo” by painter Elias Garcia MartinezThe ‘refurbished’piece is a far cry from the original expression of depth and detail conveyed in Garcia  Martinez’s calculated, intricate incarnation of the subject and as the would-be good-samaritan suggested she had undertaken the project “with good intentions”  culture councillor Juan Maria de Ojeda noted that the project (and she) “had gotten out of hand”.

 Alarming, intriguing, troubling, amusing. Will people travel en masse and from afar to see this new work, as they may have travelled to see the last?

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