you will amaze yourself

Everyone likes a sound bite. A short phrase that summarizes information, conveys a certain feeling and entices readers or viewers to think further about broader issues.

Since the term was coined in the U.S. media, ‘sound bite’ has been associated largely with politics and the wily business of selling (or manipulating) one’s point of view in the media.

fall seven times inspirational sound bite artist statement art janet brightBut the use of sound bites has grown. Click through any social media site online and what you will see is something quite different; sound bites have turned inspirational. They are popular and they are (in media terms-) shareworthy.

And despite the fact I enjoy the uplifting jolt I get from these inspirational soundbites, a tiny piece of me cringes each time I see them. I cringe because I have until now, never considered these works to fall into the vaunted (snobby- I know) category of ‘art’; instead dismissing their power, content and popularity as just another example of the surficial, inspirational schlock band-aiding a universal haemorrhage of societal sadness.

But the truth is, I’ve been wrong.

I had an ah-ha moment this week as I prepared a submission for showing and as I sifted through my work and writing, what became apparent was that these inspirational soundbites respond to most (if not all) of the parameters I have set for my own art work, in my own ‘artists statement*’ (as below).

Artist Statement – Janet Bright
Artistic direction is led by a recognition of mankind’s unrelenting search for meaning, connection and direction in all endeavour.
Exploration of our society & surroundings and the ideas & ideals of our culture allow for discovery and revelation about who we are and where we might go from here.
Of particular interest are issues of identity.

sound bite, inspirational, artist, artist statement, art, janet bright, you will amaze yourselfSo if I come across a sound bite that says, ‘Fall seven times, Stand up eight’ and I find meaning, feel connection, see direction forward (and it makes me cry) what does this mean?

By my own definition, I have found art.

I am astounded by what I see now, that I did not see before.

And I wonder (I wonder, I wonder-) what else am I missing? 

*An artist’s statement (or artist statement) is an artist’s written description of their work. The brief verbal representation is for, and in support of, his or her own work to give the viewer understanding. (wikipedia)

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