you sir, are an imposter

If there is one defining event that determines who is or who is not an artist, when does it occur- and would any of us recognize it?

artist, doctor, imposter, who is artist,  I have (most of my life) called myself an artist- yet I’ve doubted that label and wondered often at my own trustworthiness in using it to describe myself.

‘Artist’ is a distinctly ambiguous identity that lacks clarity and definition. The range of ‘who is’ artist is exceedingly broad today.

Unlike in say, medicine where only doctors can (or should) call themselves ‘doctor’, there is no clear ruling about who can or cannot be- or who can or cannot use the descriptor ‘artist’.

So what is it that determines who is an artist?…


*this is an excerpt from the presentation, “Who is Artist?”, by Janet Bright, 2015


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