art every day number 199 grain pencil drawing

art every day number 199 / pencil drawing / from the field


Art every day number 199 FROM THE FIELD is about moving food from farm to store.

Grain Elevators (as shown here) are an integral part of the process.

Early grain elevators and bins were often built of framed or cribbed wood, and were prone to fire. Grain-elevator bins, tanks, and silos are now usually made of steel or reinforced concrete. Bucket elevators are used to lift grain to a distributor or consignor, from which it falls through spouts and/or conveyors and into one or more bins, silos, or tanks in a facility. When desired, silos, bins, and tanks are emptied by gravity flow, sweep augers, and conveyors. As grain is emptied from bins, tanks, and silos it is conveyed, blended, and weighted into trucks, railroad cars, or barges, and shipped to grain wholesalers, exporters, and/or local end-users, such as flour mills, breweries, and ethanol and alcohol distilleries.” – Wikipedia

One small piece of art & illustration a day / Janet Bright

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