art every day number 218 ears big small

art every day number 218 / illustration / ears

art every day number 218 ears big small

Art every day number 218 EARS is about size.

What is the value of big and small?

Consider the following (from HowStuffWorks):

“…ear size doesn’t necessarily determine hearing ability. Compare batsand chinchillas. They both have large, prominent ears but vastly different frequency ranges. Bats can hear from 2,000 to 110,000 hertz (Hz), while chinchillas can detect only 90 to 22,800 Hz … in most large-eared animals, ear size has more to do with keeping the animal cool than it does with helping it detect sound… [the ears of African elephants are much larger than those of Asian elephants] Those giant ears help redirect heat from the body — a useful attribute in a hot climate…”

One small piece of art & illustration a day / Janet Bright

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